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Professional Dog Shelter Operator

Who is a Professional Dog Shelter Operator?


Il Professional Dog Shelter Operator is a professional operator working mainly in canine shelters, including complex shelters, thanks to specific training in competencies to manage any sort of even critical situation.

The expertise acquired during the course trains a professional to become a reference point in safe and effective communication with animals, without any kind of misunderstanding or unpleasant events such as accidental bites thus blocking the onset of any behavioural issues.

Who can attend?


The Professional Dog Shelter Operator course is for anyone wanting to work as Operator at Dog Shelters or simply wish to acquire the necessary skills to best manage dogs with problematic backgrounds such as ill-treatment, abandonment or miseducation.

Course syllabus


The Professional Dog Trainer Course has 6 one-day modules held monthly over weekends.

40 hours of theoretical and practical training
To initiate the course and make it as effective as possible, we have decided that the minimum number of participants for each course is 10 up to a maximum of 30. During all our years of training, we have realized that to explain and put into practice most of the theoretical and practical concepts, the perfect number is included in this range.

End-of-course Competencies


The Professional Dog Shelter Operator will be able to:

  • Learn the best techniques to approach and handle a dog in kennels
  • Avoid communication errors between the person and the dog
  • Pacing and Leading Skills (engage and collaborate with the dog)
  • Figure out what the dog wants to communicate immediately
  • Learn to manage the emotions of the dog
  • Recognize the symptoms and the states of discomfort of the dog
  • Environmental Enrichment
  • Manage the proper dressing of a dog
  • Manage the box entry-exit
  • Manage the proper feeding of dogs
  • The best solutions to manage a walk and the additional fun activities with your dog
  • c
  • Consolidated fundamentals on pre-adoption counselling
  • The best procedures to enter a dog in a kennel and a family
  • Choose and evaluate the best games and the various fun activities


  • Know the cognitive-relational approach
  • Dog Morphology / sensory perception of the dog
  • Theories of domestication (Phylogeny / Evolution)
  • Positional character components of emotional and computing functions of the mind
  • Know the races and their motivations
  • Municipal regional legislation – bioethics and welfare
  • Classical conditioning and operant conditioning
  • Learning skills: various methods and comparison
  • The optimal emotional and psychological situation for learning
  • The use of the reinforcement
  • The operational objectives of the kennel
  • The psycho-physical needs of the dog
  • How to meet the needs of dogs in a kennel
  • Approaching correctly the various types of dog dressing (collar, harness, leashes)
  • Practical communication exercises with the kennel dogs
  • Manage emotions during outings and leisure activities
  • How to work playfulness in the shelter
  • How to promote and raise awareness of shelter dogs
  • Pre-adoption Consultations
  • The value of the games for the welfare of shelter dogs
  • Manage phone calls, One to One advisory services for a timely relationship with future adopter
  • Supervision and mentoring
[stm_icon_box icon=”fa-icon-stm_icon_book_stack” icon_align=”left” icon_width=”100″ icon_color=”#eab830″ title=”Teaching Material”]Learning material provided during the course includes our downloadable and printable PDF booklet Professional Dog Trainer Course as well as Video Lessons of each single practical exercise taught.

An important benefit exclusively for learners in our Academy.

A unique service in Italy, on our list of the numerous services offered in our courses.[/stm_icon_box]


This is our Academy’s flagship service, the service that distinguishes us from all the other schools in Italy. We place utmost importance on getting hands-on practice in everything we teach so that our students can consolidate theory with practice and at the same time live life-lasting experiences.
All the exercises performed can be repeated with one’s own dog and with dogs in shelters as well as other students’ dogs in order to practise and continuously improve for future counselling.
We have DEVELOPED over 100 exercises for everyone to study and practice during the course.
Almost all practical exercises will take place at the dog-training centre La Fenice Team CZ FVG, which is the only dog-training centre in Italy partnered with University of Udine.
The centre has a fully equipped 5000 m² fenced area.
Some exercises will be performed at different dog shelters nearby.


  • Only after completing their studies, ECRES™ graduates will have the possibility of accessing the exclusive ECRES™ for You Service and start up their own business based on essential solid fundamentals to become a successful Professional Dog Trainer.
  • Graduates will be provided with customised fiscal counselling by specialised professionals.
  • Thanks to ECRES™ for You Marketing, you will have a team of professionals at your service. Grow your brand online in the best and most effective way, create your website, online advertising, business cards and flyers, all customized specifically for each graduate, setting up the business management (forms and administration).
  • You will always have the opportunity to consult your projects and your progress with an ECRES ™ expert, who will give you his continuous supervision and maximum availability.
  • What makes us truly unique in our field, and already many people have recognized this, is that with ECRES ™, you will never be left alone, we will follow you step by step up to an important result.

After this course, you will receive the ECRES™ Academy Professional Dog Shelter Operator Diploma

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Our 100% customer satisfaction

100% quality service appraisal

A Team of international trainers to ensure 360-degree learning

Years of experience and application.

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